cbd in horse

Horses and CBD

the use of CBD (cannabidiol) for horses has gained some attention in recent years, with proponents suggesting that it may offer various health benefits. However, it’s essential to approach this topic with caution and consult with a veterinarian before using any CBD products for horses. Here are some points to consider: Consult with a Veterinarian: …

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Fractured Splint Bones

A fractured or splinted bone in a horse is a serious injury that requires immediate veterinary attention. Horses are large and powerful animals, and fractures can be especially challenging to manage. Here are some general guidelines you might consider, but please consult with a veterinarian for specific advice based on the individual circumstances of the …

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Founder In Horses

Founder” is a term used to describe a common and serious condition in horses, also known as laminitis. Laminitis is the inflammation of the laminae, which are sensitive structures inside the hooves that connect the coffin bone (the bone within the hoof) to the hoof wall. Founder occurs when there is severe laminitis that leads …

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