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Antivenin Stored frozen, good for three years from manufacture date.
Ready to use in five minutes – Thaw using a warm water bath; does NOT require reconstitution or dilution.
Cross-protective – Shown to be effective against envenomation in canine and equine due to North American Crotalidae. Crotalidae refers to the Crotalinae subfamily (commonly named ‘Pit Vipers’) and includes cottonmouths/water moccasins, copperheads, and rattlesnakes.
Neutralizes venom – Packaged in a “one-and-done” IV pouch. Potent enough to treat the typical envenomation case with a single 50 mL dose, regardless of the size of dog or horse. (In rare cases of severe or multiple bites, more than one dose may be needed. A veterinarian always needs to observe the patient to determine if multiple doses are needed.) Antivenin
Decreases swelling
Reduces and/or eliminates pain
Decreases temperature
Reduces overall hospitalization time
Neutralizes Mohave Venom A – The only licensed product that includes specific antibodies proven to neutralize venom from Mohave Rattlesnake Type A.
Only antivenin licensed for both canine and equine.
Safe to use – May be used alongside typical post-snake bite therapies.
Safe with vaccine – Safe and compatible for use in previously vaccinated patients. Shares no common proteins with the industry’s most widely used rattlesnake vaccine.Antivenin
Made in the USA – The first approved and USDA licensed antivenin manufactured in the USA in ovehttp://premierhorsemed.com


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