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Buy PlasmaLife (Hyperimmune Horse Plasma), 950mL


Frozen horse plasma indicated for treating hypogammaglobulinemia in foals due to failure of passive transfer.


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Why Buy PlasmaLife

PlasmaLife is the only registered hyperimmune horse plasma entirely produced in Italy with permission and registration of the Italian Health Ministry (AIC No. 104 114 018).

PlasmaLife  will supply foals with hypogammaglobulinemia (IgG <8 g / l) caused by the failure of (partial or complete) passive transfer of IgG with immediate support for the immune system even after the first 24 hours of life, when oral therapies do not guarantee further survival and plasma remains the only choice.
Plasma is obtained from donors who have increased levels of gamma globulin concentrations in the blood compared with normal horses. So each bag of PlasmaLife contains a minimum quantity of 24 g/L IgG and 50 g/L total proteins, but average values are normally much higher.
Life plasma is collected in special transfusion bags of 950 ml and correctly stored so that the plasma can be used immediately after thawing.

Why choose to Buy PlasmaLife?

  • It has been approved by the Italian Ministry of Health
  • It is manufactured in a licensed pharmaceutical factory and is certified in accordance with the guidelines for quality assurance in production processes and production environment of medicines and drugs (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • It is obtained from healthy, universal and hyper immune donor horses
  • The donor horses are tested before each donation for 16 infectious diseases
  • It is sterile
  • It is endotoxin-free
  • It guarantees a minimum level of IgG (24 g/L) and protein (50 g/L)
  • It can be stored in a standard freezer at -20 ± 5 ° C
  • It is collected in a bag of Transfusion Medicinehttp://premierhorsemed.com
  • It is the only way to provide larger amounts of IgG for the foal after the first 24 hours of life

Storage and thawing

Plasmalife contains no preservatives and is not pasteurized. It is frozen and stored immediately after collection at a temperature of -20 ± 5 ° C. It must be stored at the temperatures kept in a normal freezer.
The frozen bags should be handled carefully to avoid damages.
The thawing of plasmalife should be made by immersion in a water bath with a maximum of 37 ° C water temperature.
The temperature of the water during the thawing process must be checked by a thermometer, and if water cools down too much, it can be heated by adding more warm water, avoiding direct contact with the transfusion bag. It is recommended to remove the bag from the bath during the addition of hot water, and when the water has been restored up to the desired temperature of 37 ° C, immerse the bag again.http://premierhorsemed.com
This process can be repeated until the plasma is completely thawed. Usually, the liquefied thawed plasma appears transparent, but the presence of some rare fibrin cloths do not change the plasma’s quality.
These aggregates are delayed by the specified filter in the set that is absolutely necessary for secure transfusion. Do not use a microwave to unfreeze the plasma, since they alter the product’s properties.


Plasma may only be given intravenously to foals using venous catheters and the transfusion set with special filters.

The normal dose is 20 ml / kg of foal body weight; a liter of plasma can be completely infused to a 50-kg foal in 20 minutes (infusion rate <50 ml / min) without problems.
We recommend that the first 50-100 ml are transfused slowly in order to accurately monitor the clinical parameters of the foal. This should be done in order to discover early symptoms of anaphylactic reactions such as tachycardia, tachypnea, and muscle tremors. In the rare case this occurs, the administration should be slowed or even stopped if necessary.
The administration of PlasmaLife must be carried out under the supervision and responsibility of veterinarian.


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