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Buy TB-500 Injection (Thymosin Beta-4), 10 Mg


Buy TB-500 Injection (Thymosin Beta-4), 10 Mg  Online from us at very competitive prices. We are 100% legit and efficient supplier of performance supplements for equine sports.


Buy TB-500 Injection (Thymosin Beta-4), 10 Mg  Online from us at very competitive prices. We are 100% legit and efficient supplier of performance supplements for equine sports. We offer the best market prices and offer a huge discount for bulk buyers. Packaging and shipping are very discreet and bypass all custom or law enforcement. Delivery through regular and express airmail within 2-3 business days from dispatch.

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Buy TB-500 Injection Online (10 mg 2ml – Single Dose Vial)

TB-500 is a synthetic fraction of the protein thymosin beta-4, which is present in virtually all of human and animal cells. The primary purpose of this peptide is to promote healing. It also promotes creation of new muscle and blood cells. The healing effects of TB-500 have been observed in ligaments, tendons, muscle, skin, heart, and eyes. Thymosin beta-4 is naturally produced in higher concentration where the tissue has been damaged. This peptide is also a very potent anti-inflammatory agent.

TB-500 Injection is different from other repair factors (like growth hormone) because it promotes keratinocyte  and endothelial migration. It also does not bind to the extracellular matrix and has an extremely low molecular weight.  Due to this, it can travel long distances through the tissues in the human body.

One of TB-500 key mechanisms of action is its ability to regulate the cell-building protein called ACTIN.  Of the thousands of proteins present within human cells, ACTIN represents roughly ten percent of the total. Therefore it is a vital component of cell structure and movement.


Thymosin Beta-4 is a protein which is made up of of 43 amino acids and also is encoded by the gene TMSB4X in the human body. It has been studied in numerous clinical trials. Research has shown that if the thymosin beta-4 peptide is administered after a heart attack it can reactivate cardiac progenitor cells to repair damaged heart tissue.

Thymosin beta-4 is a n extremely large molecule. In fact, it is so large that it cannot fit entirely into the receptor. Different sections of the molecule have different activities. TB-500 is the part of thymosin beta-4 hormone which promotes the most useful effects, which are overall healing, repair, new blood and muscle cells. For medical applications it is extremely practical to use the TB-500 instead of the entire Thymosin Beta-4 protein.


Type of water to be used with TB-500:   Reconstitute with sterile saline (NaCl 0.9%).  THIS IS SUPPLIED WITH YOUR ORDER.  Alternatively plain sterile water can also be used. Plain sterile water should be easily available to buy without prescription in any local pharmacy. It can also be purchased online.

Syringes:  Readily available syringes are the insulin type syringe with 100 markings on the side. They are easy to find in any local pharmacy store.

TB-500 is sold in single use vials.

How to Reconstitute TB-500:  

Draw 1ml of water into the syringe and inject it into the vial with powder. DO NOT shake the vial when mixing. DO NOT inject the water directly into the powder with force, but rather let it gently slide down the inside of the vial. If it bubbles up, place the vial in the refrigerator and leave it there for about 15-30 minutes. The bubbles will dissipate by then. Finally,gently rotate the vial between your fingers until all of the powder has dissolved (usually 3-4 minutes).

The vials are vacuum packed, so before you can draw out the TB-500 out, you will need to release the vacuum. Use a fresh syringe, draw air into it and inject the air into the vial (not into liquid, but into air above the liquid). This will evapoate the vacuum. You can then draw out the reconstituted TB-500 as needed.

TB-500 Injection spot and procedure:

TB-500 has a systematic effect regardless of where it is injected. Some believe that thymosin beta-4 should be injected as close to the injury as possible however there is no evidence to show this would be a superior move. It can be injected subcutaneously (SubQ) or intramuscularly (IM).  Injections should be adminstered in different sites (rotated) each time.

Prior to injecting, clean the injection spot as well as the vial rubber stopper with an alcohol swab. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the syringe. For subcutaneous injection fully insert the needle at an 45 degree angle, for intramuscular insert it at 90 degrees angle.


Administer one 2ml vial subcutaneous each week for six consecutive weeks as a loading dose. Thereafter administer one 2ml vial per month.

It is recommended to administer the dose the day after intense work then in intervals of seven days thereafter. Make sure to hydrate well when using this product. Administer the regular amount vitamins and minerals to support normal racing function. Hydration is a key component when using this product.

TB-500 Storage Temperatures:

Prior to reconstitution (lyophilized / freeze dried powder):  Store at 2-8C (Refrigerate), do not freeze and protect from light.

After reconstitution (liquid):  Store at 2-8C (Refrigerate), do not freeze and protect from light.  Reconstituted TB-500 should be used within 8 days.


  • Differentiation of endothelial cells (blood and lymphatic vessels)
  • Growth of new blood cells
  • Keratinocyte migration
  • Collagen deposition
  • Decreases inflammation in various tissue types
  • Decreased inflamation in joints
  • Increase muscle growth
  • Increases in endurance and strength
  • Relaxed muscle spasm and improved muscle tone
  • Repair damaged heart tissue following a heart attack
  • Healing of ulcers and lesions (including stomach and intestinal ulcers)
  • Increased exchange of substance between cells
  • Overall tissue repair
  • Faster healing of wounds
  • Repair of tendons and ligaments
  • Improved flexibility of joints
  • Prevents the formations of adhesions and fibrous bands in muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Protects and restores neurons after brain injury

SIDE EFFECTS OF TB-500 Injection

There have been no reported side effects during the past few years since TB-500 became popular by athletes. After thorough research via all thymosin beta-4 related posts on bodybuilding forums, there are simply no reports to confirm any side effects.

For use as a supplemental source of Vitamins and Amino Acids in horses, cattle, sheep, swine, camels, alpacas and pigeons.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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