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Cartrophen Vet 100mg



Cartrophen Vet 100mg works to modify the underlying arthritic processes to relieve pain and lameness. Improvements from Vet result in long-term effects lasting beyond the treatment period of 4 weeks up to one year in some cases.  semisynthetic polysulphated polysaccharide which possesses antiinflammatory and anti-arthritic chondroprotective properties.

Cartrophen Vet (100mg/mL of pentosan polysulfate sodium or PPS) is a treatment for osteoarthritis (OA, also known as degenerative joint disease .It is essential that your dog complete all 4 injections to ensure optimal benefit and modification of the disease process. The frequency of treatment varies from once a year for mild cases and up to three times a year for severe cases.Cartrophen Vet has a low incidence of side effects and of those they are mild and transitory. The number of reported adverse events on a per course basis (per 4 weekly injections) was 0.058%.

was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the relief of pain and inflammation in dogs and is shown to be clinically effective for the relief of signs associated with osteoarthritis in dogsCarprofen is a non-narcotic NSAID with both analgesic and antipyretic properties.With a maximum of 240 caplets per bottle and 100 mg per tablet,3 extreme ingestions are possible. And given the narrow margin of safety in cats, ingesting just one 25-mg tablet is potentially serious. Table 1 lists the clinical signs reported by the ASPCA APCC in cases of acute overdoses in /www.tacomavetmedication.com


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