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HEMO-15 100mL


HEMO-15 100mL 
An injectable hematin is the fastest way to improve a horse's blood quality.
This treatment is essential when managing iron deficiencies in performance horses, including nutrition and related sports.

An injectable hematin is the fastest way to improve a horse’s blood quality.
deficiencies in performance horses. • Treatment of sports-related anemia. • As an additive for intravenous f
An injectable hematin is the fastest way to improve a horse’s blood quality.
and related sports. anemia.HEMO-15 100mL – VETOQUINOL is an injection that provides essential iron, vitamins and amino acids for the production of red blood cells. WHAT IS HEMO-15 100mL – VETOQUINOL? A hematinic injection containing iron, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and lipotropes.


pproximately 6 million, where the high performance horses blood count between TAKES TIME An increase in fast work and the stress oroduce more hemoglobin-containing red blood cells. *e “raw materials” to feed the bone marrow so that it cells This is best achieved by providing a daily supplement of iron, copper, cobalt, amino acids and B vitamins. Providing equine athletes with the raw materials to feed the bone marrow is an important way to improve blood count and maximum performance potential. * BETTER RECOVERY AND VITALITY Blood loss and anemia may develop after injury, illness or surgery. During this time, a HEMO-15 injection will increase production of red blood cells and assist in the recovery and repair process. WHY CHOOSE HEMO-15 100mL – VETOQUINOL 1. IV OR IM INJECTION Allows for rapid provision and utilization of essential nutrients. 2. MULTI VITAMIN AND MULTI MINERAL Due to the housing and feeding regimes experienced by most horses at work and the heavy demands of racing, Development of subclinical vitamin and mineral deficiencies is a real risk. HEMO-15® injection after illness or intense training will ensure that deficiencies are addressed for performance and recovery. 3. COMBINED THERAPY Can be used as an additive for all IV fluids. These include mixtures of amino acids and vitamins, electrolytes and dextrose. 4. RACE RECOVERY It can be given after running to replace depleted essentials due to the breed’s metabolic stress. 5. RACE PREPARATION It can be given up to 24 hours before the race to correct deficiencies. This will improve blood counts, ensuring energy use and decreasing post race recovery times. QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE RECOMMENDED FOR USE OF- VETOQUINOL


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