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MPTS 360 Oxygen Nebulise



MPTS 360 Oxygen Nebulise Multi Purpose Training System  is specifically designed to fit horses and camels. The mask kit comes with all fittings required to start training and therapy immediately.Mask KitMask with integrated mixing plenum and multi-fit seal.Jet Nebuliser with 8mL or 20mL reservoir. Designed for superior flow delivery of therapies with Oxygen, Medical Air or Compressed Air (Pump).Ultrasonic Vibrating Mesh Nebuliser with 8mL reservoir. Designed for quick, convenient therapy delivered at the optimum vapour size.Robust, Variable Click Style:Oxygen Gas Regulator.Nitrogen Gas Regulator + Bull Nose to Pin Index Adaptor.Safety Release Strap.Premium Carry Case.Instruction Manual – please read before using this Mask Kit .Quick Start GuideProduct Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360)

Velcro quick release for mask and nebuliser.The mask is designed for easy cleaning and disinfection.The mask must be disassembled and cleaned in warm soapy water after every therapy or training session.The mask materials can be disinfected using current veterinary disinfectants.Easy to reassemble – Parts click into place and cannot be assembled incorrectly.4 5Product Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360)

MPTS 360 prototypes have been extensively trialled on horses and camels to ensure:The mask is out of line of sight to help the animal remain calm during therapy.The MPTS 360 mask offers the ultimate fit and seal on the market for horses and camels.The MPTS 360 will withstand the rigours of therapy, training and repeated cleaning.Product Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360)

Product Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360)

o allow fast, easy change-over between almost all medication delivery mediums available on the market today.Simply insert the chosen delivery system into the plenum inlet feature.Ultrasonic NebuliserJet NebuliserMetered Dose Inhaler (MDI)MediVet Triple Delivery SystemFront ViewProduct Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System MPTS 360 Oxygen Nebulise

The MPTS 360 is designed to optimise therapy throughout the breathing cycle by:A low profile mask ensures CO2 rebreathing is minimised.Vapour inhalation is prioritised and supplemented with air via the inlet vents.Rapid air-flow is facilitated by the largest venting system of any mask currently on the market.Inlet VentTriple Delivery InletDividing VentExhaust VentIntegrated Mixing PlenumLow Profile MaskMulti-fit sealSection View of MaskProduct Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360)

 Therapy System Features
The MPTS 360’s unique integrated plenum and vent system is designed to work with an animal’s natural breathing cycle to maximise therapy outcomes.Breathing CycleStep 1:Vapour produced by the nebuliser is collected in the plenum.This prevents the nebulised vapour mixing with exhaled air and being wasted.Ground-breaking Airflow ConceptSection View of MaskProduct Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360)

MPTS 360 Therapy System Features
Breathing CycleStep 2:During inhalation the nebulised vapour is drawn through the dividing vents directly into the airway.At this time, the inlet vents open to permit incoming air to complete the breath volume.Dividing VentInlet VentSection View of MaskProduct Overview – Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS 360)http://premierhorsemed.com


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