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P-Block Injection 


P-Block Injection  It is a plant-based analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. The drug is used to relieve pain and inflammation in the joints. is a sterile aqueous solution of salts of volatile bases obtained from plants of the family. Sarracenevs. The solution contains 0.75% benzyl alcohol as an auxiliary substance.
The drug reduces the symptoms of the disease and relieves joint pain. Contraindications, side effects and precautions The drug is not toxic, has practically no side effects and contraindications, however, this drug should be used only in the area of ​​inflammation localization. It is not given if there is a local infection on the surface of the skin. The drug is intended for professional use and requires a thorough knowledge of the anatomy.http://premierhorsemed.com

Special instructions: P-Block Injection

After the injection, the animal should be at rest for 10-15 minutes, the drug can cause a temporary feeling of heaviness, a feeling of warmth, and a rapidly passing exacerbation of symptoms. In case of overdose, take the animal to your veterinarian.

It promotes chloride and potassium excretion. Its diuretic effect is regardless the patient’s acid / base balance status. Dexamethasone has antiinflammatory and antistress activity. Clinical experience shows that the edemas are markedly reduced by this drug.
The diuretic combination of furosemide with the corticoid antiinflammatory activity presents an effective activity in the reduction of labor physiological edema in the mammary gland, and the reduction of edematous conditions accompanied or not by inflammation.P-Block Injection

It is a product intended to the treatment of the edema reduction in general: pulmonary congestion and edema, brain edema, renal edema, gestation edema, pericardic edema, preputial edema, anasarca, ascitis, hydrothorax, bovine pre and post partum udder edema.


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